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Profil Markiser

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Born into a world of solar protection, accordingly being the 2nd generation of the family business, Nicoline Durup introduced made-to-measure curtains and roller blinds under the name DURUP in 2019.

We have a crush on life, love and lively curtains and we strive to dress your windows with the best design and most innovative solutions sourced from trusted suppliers around the world. From classic to contemporary, sheer opulence to minimalism, DURUP can help you achieve the interior look you desire through expert advice and help from our curtain consultants.

All products are hand-picked meaning that you won’t find an unmanageable library of fabrics and cloths. We have carefully picked the best, the most beautiful and environmentally friendly materials – always in style.

Or to put it simpler: At DURUP we want to create fabulous interiors without the fuss. We have done the homework in order to give you the perfect choices for your private residential or commercial space.

With love,
Nicoline Durup

It's the will. Not the skill